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“I never thought much about my stairs but now they are a  pain …  I feel trapped in my own home and it’s time for a change.”

There’s a simple solution.  If you’re having trouble climbing stairs but aren’t ready to move from your home, or, fill it with expensive mobility equipment, StairAide is the affordable stair-climbing solution to make your home accessible and comfortable again. 

StairAide kit adds a stationary half step to each existing step on your staicase.  The smaller steps dramatically reduce climbing effort, making StairAides’s half-height steps a safe, simple, and effective solution  for seniors, people with arthritic joints, and post-surgery rehab and occupational therapy patients.  StairAide smaller steps are easier steps that keep you climbing and mobile. 

Take a step to improve your quality of life!

“… I’ve had StairAide steps for 3 years now and I wouldn’t be living in my house anymore if I didn’t. My two sets of steps let me do my laundry in the basement and water my plants up in the loft. .. With the smaller steps, climbing is much easier and I’m not afraid of stairs anymore. Thanks StairAide!- Tina L. Troy, NY”

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Half Step Stairs

Do you need help climbing stairs? The Half Step Stair assist by StairAide offers you improved Home Accessibility. StairAide is the perfect addition to any home with a challenged resident. Sports injury, post surgical rehab and the elderly all benefit from StairAide, the Half Step Stair. Reduce risk and add Mobility Equipment to your home to improve your quality of living. For Home Accessibility the Half Step Stair by StairAide provides confidence for disabled persons and accessibility for rehabilitation patients at home. When you need to climb stairs after an injury it can be scary, the StairAide Half Step Stairs make managing your stairs easier. If you need help with Stairs, get Stairaide, the Half Step Stair, and improve your home accessibility. You and your loved ones can have improved Home Accessibility and go up stairs with confidence. Enjoy stair assistance with the Half Step Stair by StairAide and discover how well you can manage and live in comfort in your own home. You can easily install the Half Step Stair by StairAide and Half Step Stairs come in a variety of wood finishes to match your home or office surroundings. Mobility Equipment for Office and Home Accessibility are important for seniors and the rehabilitation needs of all age groups. Feel free to go up stairs with stairs help and the Half Step Stair by Stairaide. You can Order the Half Step Stair Aides from Mobility Equipment expert StairAide on line now. StairAide is improving Home Accessibility with a Stair Assist Half Step Stair, a perfect fit in every home.

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