Use your stairs again

StairAide, Half Step Stair,  Home Accessibility, Mobility Equipment

“I never thought much about my stairs but now they are a  pain …  I feel trapped in my own home and it’s time for a change.”

There’s a simple solution.  If you’re having trouble climbing stairs but aren’t ready to move from your home, or, fill it with expensive mobility equipment, StairAide is the affordable stair-climbing solution to make your home accessible and comfortable again. 

StairAide kit adds a stationary half step to each existing step on your staicase.  The smaller steps dramatically reduce climbing effort, making StairAides’s half-height steps a safe, simple, and effective solution  for seniors, people with arthritic joints, and post-surgery rehab and occupational therapy patients.  StairAide smaller steps are easier steps that keep you climbing and mobile. 

Take a step to improve your quality of life!

“… I’ve had StairAide steps for 3 years now and I wouldn’t be living in my house anymore if I didn’t. My two sets of steps let me do my laundry in the basement and water my plants up in the loft. .. With the smaller steps, climbing is much easier and I’m not afraid of stairs anymore. Thanks StairAide!- Tina L. Troy, NY”

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