Frequently Asked Questions

Below are frequently asked questions about StairAide. If you have a question not answered below, please contact us.

StairAide makes climbing easier for people who currently climb stairs but find it difficult to do so. This includes the elderly, individuals with arthritis, people in rehabilitation and/or occupational therapy, etc.

StairAide is a small, furniture quality, half-height step that you add to every step on your staircase. It doubles the effective number of steps on an existing stair, without any significant alterations! Stair Aide does not require any motors, wires, switches or rails of any kind and is affordable and simple to install.

StairAide dramatically reduces the stair climbing effort. It is like walking on a slightly inclined road as opposed to climbing a steep hill. It takes longer to get to the top, but you still get there and get the full benefit of the exercise.

StairAide has been tested to withstand a load of over 1100 lbs. In fact, to ensure that StairAide will support people of larger size, we subjected the product to a load bearing test on a 20-ton H-frame press and applied progressively increasing pressure. Cracking of the top surface required over 3300 lbs and did not collapse StairAide. Even after the test, StairAide could still support the original load of 1100 lbs!

StairAide incorporates an anti-slip surface, an appropriately sized platform for your foot, and leaves your hands free for gripping the existing handrails.

StairAide can be used on both hardwood and carpeted stairs and attaches to the existing stair with two screws.

Once each StairAide block is positioned on each existing stair, the included fasteners are used to attach the StairAide. Once this is completed, the included non-slip grips are added to the top of each StairAide block, ensuring a visible and secure stepping surface.

The only tools required are a #2 Phillips screwdriver and a tape measure. Installation requires less than 1 hour.

Yes! StairAide is installed on one side of the staircase and takes up approximately nine inches of the width of each existing stair leaving ample room for others to climb or descend the staircase by using the remaining section of the stair.

If you can climb and descend your existing staircase, but find it difficult or painful, or find yourself thinking twice before going up or down stairs, then Stair Aide can help!

StairAide is not a lift or an elevator which completely replaces climbing. Climbing stairs keeps our leg muscles strong—Stair Aide reduces the strain, and keeps you climbing and mobile.

Yes. Since StairAide is a small addition to each step of the existing stair, it can easily accommodate many stair designs including pie-shaped and stairs with landings. A little planning is all it takes to ensure that installation is simple, safe and effective. Please refer to our installation instructions and product gallery for further ideas, or snap a picture of your staircase and send it over to us for a quick look.

Send us a picture of your installation and we will include it in our StairAide Showcase.