“I must admit I had my doubts that half steps would help my mother go up and down her stairs, but I’m happy to say that they really did! It was either try the steps or buy an obtrusive, ugly, and expensive electronic chair lift that would make a mess of my mother’s walls and stairs — I decided to give the much simpler and less expensive steps a try and, simple is better. The smaller steps are a lot easier for her, and the installation was easy enough for me to do myself.”

Jim M. Chicago, IL

“I’ve had StairAide steps for 3 years now and I wouldn’t be living in my house anymore if I didn’t. My two sets of steps let me do my laundry in the basement and water my plants up in the loft. Before I added the half steps to my stairways, I had a lot of pain and discomfort climbing stairs, and I worried about my arthritic knees giving out when I came down them. With the smaller steps, climbing is much easier and I’m not afraid of stairs anymore. Thanks StairAide!”

Tina L. Troy, NY