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Product Test

StairAide has been tested to withstand 1,100 lb of load.

A Professional Engineering Firm was engaged and performed the following test procedure:

The Stair Aide block was placed in the load platform of a 20-ton H-frame Press, supported by a 1-inch steel plate larger than the box. A brass loading block with base 3 x 3.5 inches (representing the toes and ball of a single human foot) was placed on the box lid, centrally (see Figure 1). Vertical force was applied to the brass block (via intermediate wooden spacer) from a controlled hydraulic cylinder (ENERPAC RC-106, effective area 2.23 square inches), in pressure increments of 100 psi, with approximately 30 second hold times at each level. Pressure was increased until delamination of the block prevented further increases.

Test result:

The StairAide block withstands sustained loads up to 500 psi (1100 lbs) with no damage. Additional loads, up to 1100 psi cause deflection and it takes over 1500 psi of force (over 3300 lbs) to cause cracking of the top surface of the Stair Aide block.