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The Idea Behind StairAide…

My wife never fully recovered from knee surgery and found climbing our stairs difficult and painful. We love our home, but for my wife’s sake we were preparing to sell and move to a single-story house.

About 6 years ago, while waiting for my wife at a PT office, I saw a patient using various size wooden blocks for her leg therapy. I couldn’t help but notice that stepping on a tall block was much harder for her than on a short one. I decided to test this [idea] out at home and made a block, about half the height of the steps on our staircase. I placed this block on the floor in front of the bottom step and asked my wife to use it as an in-between step. She found that it takes almost no effort to climb with this additional, smaller step!

My wife and I still live in our house and she’s able to climb up and down our stairs easily, safely, and with great confidence.

I created StairAide to help others keep loved ones in their homes in a safe and economical means. There’s no place like home, and we hope StairAide helps you in the same way it did for my family.

– Mike, Inventor of StairAide